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About HiperPublish 2.0

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HiperPublish 2.0 Content Management System

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  • Validated XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS
  • PHP and SQL


  • Planning and Project management
  • Design and coding
  • QA and validation

The HiperPublish product family is a web based portal that you can access anywhere as long as you have internet access on your computer or MAC. All versions are currently available in English and Norwegian.

HiperPublish 2.0 Light

HiperPublish light is a very simple yet effective tool to maintain a small website

HiperPublish Light includes

  • 1 system user
  • Upload and edit text
  • Easy to use user interface

HiperPublish 2.0 Standard

HiperPublish Standard is a very powerful tool suitable for most small and medium size businesses and websites. HiperPublish is fully customizable with an extensive library of extra modules.

With added functionality from newsletters and mailinglists to multiple userlevels, password restricted customer web and probably the best support for search engine optimization available on the Norwegian market you can turn your website into a powerful marketing channel or online magazine.

HiperPublish Standard includes

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Multiple users - one access level
  • Upload and edit text
  • Upload and edit images
  • Upload files, for example Word or PDF documents
  • Add news with archive functionality
  • Add new articles
  • Add new article categories and subcategories
  • Add and edit your site menu setup
  • File and image library
  • Searchengine on the website
  • ...and more!

Other available modules

  • Mailinglist administration for newsletters and DM's
  • Multiple accesslevels
  • Multi site administration: several websites in the same CMS
  • Multi language support
  • Polling
  • Ad server
  • Advanced image and file library
  • Superior support for Search Engine Optimization
  • XML/RSS feed
  • Blog
  • Customer web
  • ...and much more!

Developed by Sverre Sjøthun

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